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TPMS: A State-Of-The-Art Talent and Performance Management System for the Enterprise.    Click for download   

Talent and Talent Management: Key Factors In Business Performance Today's competitive markets constantly challenge companies and organizations. The extent to which these challenges are met depends on whether organizations are able to realize their performance potential. In this respect, the organization's talent, its workforce, is the one major factor influencing the extent to which the performance potential of any organization will be realized. Consequently, the measurement, monitoring and management of the various aspects representing the organization's talent are critical to the organization's overall performance and to the realization of its potential. Performance and talent measures that impact the organization's performance and business goals -- i.e., performance profiles (strengths, weaknesses, gaps), motivation, relevance of- and adherence to values, correlates of business performance, factors influencing organizational processes, job suitability, and more -- are some of these talent and performance measures.
TPMS: A Comprehensive Integrated Talent and Performance Management System
Designed and developed to offer a comprehensive and integrated solution to enterprise performance and talent management needs, TPMS provides users with advanced pre-set appraisal and surveying products, builders for developing and customizing performance and talent management tools, powerful reporting and report generating functions, user-friendly performance and talent management and monitoring tools, and data import/ export functions allowing users to apply the products, tools and management activities to the organization's structure and to interface with the organization's ERP/ HRM systems. TPMS then provides the user with the ability to integrate these talent measures with measurements and data representing the organization's performance and business goals. TPMS' highly advanced functionality enables users to search, monitor, and generate information and data supporting talent management that will enhance the organization's performance.
TPMS: The Tools and System
TPMS consists of the following major elements:

  • Pre-set appraisal and surveying products The system offers a wide range of professional ready-for-use tools for employee performance appraisal, 3600, organizational surveys (e.g., Job satisfaction, service, training needs analysis), customer surveys, organizational climate surveys, and more. Access to assessment tools is provided as well.
  • Tools for defining, developing and customizing performance objectives and questionnaires, questionnaire delivery, delivery management and scoring
    The system's functions offer the ability to assign performance objectives and manage them, develop or edit all types of appraisal and survey tools, delivering and scoring the appraisal and surveying tools, and monitoring and managing the questionnaire/ surveying operation.
  • Reporting, monitoring and managing performance and talent information and data in support of talent and performance management
    TPMS's powerful reporting and data mining functionality enables report generation and data retrieval of all performance and talent measures, at individual and organizational levels, for feedback, management, and decision support purposes (e.g., bonuses, supporting job progression and transition decisions, feedback and employee development). Extensive statistical parameters and score standardization options ensure quality results. A variety of graphical and conversion to .Ppt presentations ensure fast and user-friendly sharing and interpretation of the results.
  • Data import/ export functions allowing integration with relevant data bases
    TPMS data at individual and organizational levels (e.g., performance and talent questionnaires, performance parameters and objectives) can be linked to the organization's structure, business performance, HR planning, and HR data available through the organization's ERP/ HRM systems thereby ensuring a full and relevant enterprise solution, and higher-level management activities and decisions.
The System: Language Support, Configuration, Service and Usage Modes
Based on Microsoft's SQL database, the system supports Windows 95 and above operating systems and Explorer 5.0 and above browsers in multi-languages. Service is offered through external and internal communication networks (Internet and Intranet) or local installation (optional). A careful authorization and security system ensures the integrity of the system, use of the system's functionality, and privacy of data.


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